There have been a lot of changes in the online bear world with big closings by Bruizr, BigBearDen, and even Bear Central.
While it’s sad to see these big sites go, it has also been interesting to see some of the smaller sites grow and users search for another home for their bear needs.

So I went searching for the sites that survived and even some new comers!

Keep in mind that my reviews are based only on my own thoughts, go look through these sites yourself and find the ones you like with the guys you want.

Woofdate is a site geared toward men in Europe and western Russia. It has a nice design, but not a huge member base.
The site also makes a point of “verifying” it’s users, though it is unclear how that is done.

Chasabl (Chaseable) Is a new site for bears/cubs/chubs and their chasers. It’s an interesting take on social networking as it revolves around sorting your searches by age and body type. It has a very facebook-like layout and newsfeed as well.

Bear Underground has long been a supporter of this site and has grown from a fledgling social network with a couple of members, to one that’s quickly becoming one of the fastest growing bear sites around. One of the reasons I enjoy the site so much as because it’s free. There isn’t a charge to join, see other’s pics or visit the chat rooms.

Bigger Bear Network
BBN has a very clean interface and likes to keep things simple. It’s a great free site with a good selection of members from all over the world. The site is still in beta, so keep that in mind as you browse around. Be sure to make suggestions about features you would like to see as well.

Bearwww is a bit cluttered for my tastes. It’s reminiscent of bear411 with it’s messaging system and the annoying bear growl that sounds when you get a message. Granted, you can turn the sound off, and they do have a good selection of members who love to chat. Also charges for premium acccess.

Bear Forest
One of, if not the oldest site on the list, Bear forest has maintained it’s design for a while now. It has a wealth of members, but only allows you to receive 10 messages at a time before closing your inbox and blocking any further emails until you read and delete some. Of course you get unlimited messages if you pay for premium membership. One thing the site does have going for it is members. It has lots of them.

HeftyNet is the Facebook for bears that bearbook wanted to be. It has a similar layout and flow as fb with plenty of options for connecting with other members. The site does restrict some features to premium members only, but the subscription fee is $20 for a year, so that’s not entirely bad.
First step in even visiting this site is creating a profile. You aren’t allowed to view other profiles until you do.
As soon as you create your profile, you’re sent to an upgrade page which give you the option of doing a 3 day trial for $7.95 and reccurs monthly for $29.95. Or doing a 3 month subscription for $39.99. as far as options go, you don’t get much if you don’t pay. Limited Email sending, no instant messaging, no access to chat rooms. This is not my favorite of the sites i’ve visited.

Gay Bear Nation
Gay Bear Nation strikes me as a cookie cutter dating site that has inserted the word “Gay Bear” where it might have been “gay man” or “lesbian”. I honestly couldn’t be bothered to create a profile here because i’m not even sure what would be done with my info. Use at your own risk.

If there is a site i’ve missed, please let me know and i’ll be sure to include it here!