It looks like Facebook noticed the bear social networking site which recently won best bear social network in The Bearlebrity Awards.

According to a press release sent out a few days ago by Scott Bailey, owner of, Facebook has threatened Bearbook with legal action if they don’t change their name. Facebook has a history of objecting to sites that use either the word “face” or “book” in their title.

For instance, Facebook threatened parody site but Lamebook turned around and sued facebook first.
Alas, it doesn’t seem that the owners of Bearbook have the financial resources available to mount a prolonged legal battle against Facebook.
So as of May 10th, will become

This will be an interesting story to watch.


The founder of Bearbook, Scott Bailey, answered a few questions for me last night.

The Bearlebrity:When did you decide that you would change the name?

Scott Bailey: 2-3 weeks ago.

TB: What happens to, does facebook own it now?

SB NO. Facebook has no power over the name Bearbook. Nor will they ever own We still own it 100%. We just have to stop using it… for now…

TB: How are you feeling about having to change the name of your site?

SB: I think it sucks ass. But Facebook has more money than God herself. And there is really nothing more I can do about it. If I want to fight, I will be dealing with what could be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of legal fees. To date, Bearbook has earned about 10,000 dollars. Ironically, that’s about the same amount my attorney has earned, just to communicate with Facebook’s attorneys.

TB: How do you think the users will respond to the big change?

I think our users love the product. They love the “community” they find on our site. Our community is warm and welcoming, like old-school bear communities. (I’m fond of saying “we’re the D-List bears. And we’re prettier on the inside.”) I believe people like the community they find on Bearbook. And they like the ways they’re able to interact with one another and connect on different levels – some social, some sexual. All of this has nothing to do with the name.

Facebook can take away our name, but they can’t take away our community. It’s as simple as that.

Also, as you know, with the name change, we’re releasing new code that introduces a community PUBLIC news feed. We hope this will increase new members engagement with others on the site and we’re excited about this new change. It’s rather a bittersweet release (today). :)